since 2003: „Kunst und Natur an der Autobahn“

Art and Nature at the Expressway

The intention of the project “Art and Nature at the Expressway” it to turn the attention to the rapidly falling population figures as well as to the ecological stress down the expressway A14. Presently the landscape along the Middle Saxon motorways is in the state of remodelling. Therefore it has to be put into everybody’s mind, that an intact environment means a higher aesthetic and recreational value of the landscape and also its increased importance as a tourist region.




since 2000:  „Vineta“

The swimming church upon the Störmthal Lake is a reminder of the village Magdeborn and other places, which vanished in the opencast pit Espenhain. As an old story goes, the town of Vineta sank in a huge flood through an ordeal because of its exuberant splendour and pomposity. That means in reference to our project: VINETA wants to warn and to remind of the colossal material and spiritual losses due to theenormous waste of energy caused by mankind.





K since 1993:   „Künstlergut Prösitz“

Artists, which have decided to have children, are often discriminated by insufficient or even lacking support in their professions. Every year the Artists` House in Proesitz provides an alternative to this situation: For several months mothers find an ample space for their artistic work while their children are cared of on the spot. In recognition of their artistic work artists selected by a jury receive a scholarship for the period of a month. The results obtained in Proesitz together with a catalogue are demonstrated in yearly exhibitions on many places of Germany.